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Connecting the various traces of Suvarnabhumi by using Area-based Techniques

Suvarnabhumi is the golden land that appeared in the mythology of Buddhism. Inthe past, It is the great kingdom which is an important trading hub in history, and it also links to economies and populations in Southeast Asia. It making “Suvarnabhumi” is an interesting area, in terms of history and knowledge that can be linked to future of Southeast Asia. GISTDA Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public organization) has implemented the Suvarnabhumi Civilization Project, through the concept of using space technology and satellite (Geo-Informatics) as a tool to spatial learning with statistical indicators and spatial database, that can show and identify the connection of cultural heritage and the location of the land in the past in a various of perspectives.


“Suvarnabhumi Terra Incognita”

The book is a part of “Suvarnabhumi Terra Incognita Project with space technology and geoinformatics”, which is inspired by “The Story of Mahajanaka”, Royal Work of His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej The Great, who coined the term “Suvarnabhhumi (The Golden Land)” for the second international airport of Thailand, demonstrating the meaning of precious moment and land. The project aims to explore and analyze symbolic value of this land in term of “abstract thoughts”.

Executive Summary Suvarnabhumi

“The expectations of the GISTDA”

On the occasion of the ASEAN Cultural Year 2019 celebrating, on the basis of stability, peace and dynamics which are the main goals of ASEAN. Suvarnabhumi Geo-Civilization Project: Suvarnabhumi Terra Incognita, will be the evolution of identity linking and values ​​of ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, which are resulting in the dynamics of ASEAN citizens development connecting, cooperate with the world's mega trend and the Belt and Road Initiative, global development strategy adopted by the Chinese government. The purpose of the Suvarnabhumi Geo-Civilization Project is finally about to be a part of an ASEAN Community, which everyone is become to the absolute human, pleasantly and have the freedom of thought which people are add meaning of life for ourself through guidelines for creating cooperation in ASEAN: “SUVARNABHUMI Joint Culture Initiative Program of ASEAN in the 21st Century: The ASEAN Way”.