Suvarnabhumi: Connecting the world by using Geo-Informatics Technology


Where is Suvarnabhumi?
This question is not asked about Thai airports, or the district in Roi Et Province. But it is a question of the ancient civilizations land which believe that located in Southeast Asia. There is currently no clear answer to where the land is, but “GISTDA” has used geo-informatics technology to study territory of Suvarnabhumi in the past.

GISTDA” Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public organization) has implemented the Suvarnabhumi Civilization Project, through the concept of using space technology and satellite (Geo-Informatics) as a tool to spatial learning with statistical indicators and spatial database, such as archaeological data and historical data, that can show and identify the connection of cultural heritage and the location of the land in the past in a various of perspectives. This project has been in operation since 2017 to the present.

The project is to honor His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great” said Siriluk Prukpitikul, Director of Geo-informatic Applications and Service Office.

In the project, GISTDA created “Suvarnabhumi Cultural Creative Platform” that can display varies of spatial data, including the ancient city location, the ancient Gulf of Thailand, ancient trading line, main river and geological data. Moreover, users can access to spatial information of ancient civilizations in different countries around the world, which the platform can show the coordinates, characteristics of civilization, types of cities, kingdoms, era, evidence found, and characteristics of evidence. Each location imported into the system has a reference source or document which can be inspected.

In Suphan Buri, that is an important province of ancient history and civilization. Archaeological evidence has been found that is no less than 3,500-3,800 years old. Moreover, ancient artifacts have been discovered, both from the New Stone Age, the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and culture that has continued since the Suvarnabhumi period.

In particular, U Thong Sub-district, U Thong District, Suphan Buri Province, there is archaeological evidence that presumably was the capital of the Dvaravati Kingdom, and that presumably was the center of the Suvarnabhumi region. Which is the beginning of history, art, culture and traditions of various nationalities before assimilating into the current Thai nation.

The prosperity and values of Suvarnabhumi civilization in U Thong District is reflected in 3 dimensions, which are Dimension of Art, Cultural and Civilazation in Dvaravati coins. Dimension of Commercial, Trade and Services in an ancient exchange system. And Dimension of Science and Technology in ancient coin production.

In addition, the values ​​of Suvarnabhumi civilization is also worth two dimensions, which is the Dimension of Geography and Natural resources, And Dimension of the Settlement and Polity Development, which found in the Traditional Tai Dam Cultural Center.

After creating the database and important city values ​​analysis, In the year 2019, the project will design spatial strategies in the area for ​​cultural creative tourism with Geo-Informatics technology. It will be a tool to support decision-making in the development of cultural creative tourism, and Suvarnabhumi Cultural Creative Platform for analyze the direction of urban development.

This platform is expected that it will inspire people in Suvarnabhumi region, stimulate the people to develop creative economy processes and innovations in each community levels such as the national, regional, and global levels.