Connecting the various traces of Suvarnabhumi by using Area-based Techniques

Suvarnabhumi (The Golden Land), that appeared in many ancient Indian literary sources and Buddhist texts. Suvarnabhumi is the important ancient sources have associated it with one of a variety of places throughout the Southeast Asian region and Marine Silk road of China. This makes “Suvarnabhumi” is an interesting area, in term of education and history that can be linked to the future.

GISTDA has the concept for ​​using Satellite & Geo-Informatics as the main investigated tool, combinated with statistical data to evaluated the valuenable of cultural heritage and location in the territery of Suvarnabhumi, which that can be use to develop the potential in area in the future.

The concept is a new innovation in the Cultural Heritage platform. Which is a combination of space technology and Geo-Informatics technology in term of cultural and historical to create the value legacy of innovations, that can open eyes and perspectives to the new world, to create a cultural identity and faith to the people.


Suvarnabhumi : The Great Golden Land that appeared in many ancient Indian literary sources and Buddhist texts.

  1. To integrated Geo-Informatic in the form of Cultural Strategy Platform for National Stragetic Development.
  2. To finding the meaning of Suvarnabhumi: Terra Incognita.
  3. To connecting the relationship of the city to the territory of Suvarnabhumi in the dimension of economy, society and religion and culture.

Using the Geo-Informatic technigue and Social, Economic and Population data to investigated the territory of Suvarnabhumi : Terra Incognita, which leads to a study of area changes, culture, economy and society of the population in Suvarnabhumi for further study in anticipating future changes.