(Chapter 2) From ancient Silk Road to Prosperity of Suvarnabhumi in Turkey

(Chapter 2) From ancient Silk Road to Prosperity of Suvarnabhumi in Turkey

Connection of ancient silk road in Turkey (Izmir to Istanbul) (Istanbul)

Istanbul is not only historical and religious site; this city also has a lot of evidences showing wealth of Ottoman Empire in the past such as Hippodrome or Sultan Ahmed Square, where horse racing and athletics were arranged in Roman Era. Main evidence is Obelisk Pillars of Emperor Theodosius, the oldest pillars in square shape with apex are made of granite. Previously located at Heliopolis, Emperor Theodosius moved the pillars to Istanbul, Galata Tower, operating as lighthouse for Istanbul that is located close to Mediterranean Sea. During triumphant age of Ottoman Empire in battles, the lighthouse was changed to prison and station for navy, while government presently arranges the place as one of tourism destinations.

There are 2 major palaces; Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace. Topkappi Palace is where noble soldiers of Turk sultan are trained, and apostate people or Christians are encouraged to practice Islam by selecting children of Christians to join government service; the Palace is currently Islamic museum.

Dolmabahce Palace is built by Sultan Abdulmejid during the end of Ottoman Empire. It takes about 30 years to build this luxurious palace that requires massive capital, thus leading to the fall of the empire.

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