(TH) Back to Suvarnabhumi Legacy by using Geo-Informatics and 5 Dimensions of Civilization

(TH) Back to Suvarnabhumi Legacy by using Geo-Informatics and 5 Dimensions of Civilization

His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej The Great, who coined the term “Suvarnabhhumi (The Golden Land)” for the second international airport of Thailand, demonstrating the meaning of precious moment and land because Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main strategic point of transportation as a gateway to connect the world.

Which is sparked the inspiration of the Suvarnabhumi Civilization project with space and geographic information technology. Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization):GISTDA, under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, which initiated the project by using space and geo-informatics technology as the main tool to spatial learning with statistical indicators and spatial database, such as archaeological data and historical data, that can show and identify the connection of cultural heritage and the location of the land in the past in a various of perspectives.

Siriluk Prukpitikul, Director of Geo-informatic Applications and Service Office said

Application of Geo-Informatics technology to identify Suvarnabhumi civilization point was collected from in-depth historical data and information that refers to Suvarnabhumi territory around the world by experts. After that, map of Suvarnabhumi Civilization city and relevant routes in Suvarnabhumi territery was used to develop the Web Map Service Application: WMS and creating a storybook, which the results showed in 5 diamonds of Suvarnabhumi values such as 1) Geography and Natural resources 2) Settlement and Polity Development 3) Commercial, Trade and Services 4) Science and Technology and 5) Art, Cultural and Civilazation

Suphan Buri is an important province of ancient history and civilization. Archaeological evidence has been found that is no less than 3,500 years old. Moreover, there is archaeological evidence that presumably was the center of the Suvarnabhumi region in U Thong District, which found from varies evidences such as axes, stones, beads, terracotta etc.

The prosperity and values of Suvarnabhumi civilization in U Thong District is reflected in 3 dimensions, which are Dimension of Art, Cultural and Civilazation in Dvaravati coins. Dimension of Commercial, Trade and Services in an ancient exchange system. And Dimension of Science and Technology in ancient coin production.

In addition, the values ​​of Suvarnabhumi civilization is also worth two dimensions, which is the Dimension of Geography and Natural resources, And Dimension of the Settlement and Polity Development, which found in the Traditional Tai Dam Cultural Center.

The example above is only a small part of the connection in the Suvarnabhumi civilization by using Geo-Informatics technology, in term of tourism, economic and historical that can use the database as a tool to investigation for sustainable development.